The Best Way to Improve Your Composition

Photo Composition tips

In an effort to conquer the unsolvable composition problem many bloggers have tried to create formulas for what to do to get that perfect composition. One such piece of advice is that every photo must have a foreground, middle ground, and a background. If it were that simple then everyone would be a great photographer! The question becomes if you are photographing a beautiful flower, is it really necessary to have a foreground, middle ground, and a background?

macro photography;

The answer is simply no. Composition is something you must feel and although successful photographs can sometimes be explained via a formula, your attempts at a great photo using a formula will more likely fail than not. 

Although formulas are good starting points, they are not always the end point. Here’s a photo which follow the formula exactly and yet it is a failure.

Improving photographic composition

Always look at your images to determine whether or not works, not some random guideline.

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