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The Benefits of 2 Memory Card Slots

Today many professional and prosumer cameras come with two memory card slots. By having the ability to put two memory cards in your camera at once you can...

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Photo Composition tips

The Best Way to Improve Your Composition

In an effort to conquer the unsolvable composition problem many bloggers have tried to create formulas

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10 Undisputable Photography Tips

There many photography blog out there with tons of photo tips, many are great and many

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Photo Tips

How much color can be corrected?

Filter color cast. Is this a problem? When we were still shooting film, most of what happened in the field was permanent. In other words if you got...

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How to Identify & Fix Vignette Problems

If you have ever seen images like the ones below then you experienced a vignette problem. However there are many causes a vignetting.

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Auto ISO - The Good & Bad

As photographers are guilted into using Manual mode many have discovered a new cheat! They have found

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20 Bad Photo Tips You Need to Know About

Here are some popular photo tips you should definitely not follow. 1. Just shoot everything horizontal, then you can crop it vertical later. No! By doing that you...

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How to Detect Dust on Sensors

This is not a depth of field discussion, but it kind of is. A while back a safari participant noted that the best way to check for...

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Photography equipment tip

The Pros and Cons of a Monopod

Many believe that the only way to get a truly sharp image is to use a monopod (aka unipod). Unfortunately this is not true

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Understanding Chromatic Aberrations

Chromatic aberrations: what is it and what causes it? For a scientific answer we asked Dr. Rebecca Theilmann at the University of California San Diego.

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Camera Tip: Reformat Your Memory Card!

For many using a memory card is simply putting the card in your camera and then shooting away. If you

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Landscape Photographers Need This

If you are a lanscape photographer and you have not discovered the joys of trekking poles, then you're missing out. When used properly trekking poles like

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