Photo Tips

Photo Tips

Landscape Photographers Need This

If you are a lanscape photographer and you have not discovered the joys of trekking poles, then you're missing out. When used properly trekking poles like

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Photo Composition tips

The Best Way to Improve Your Composition

In an effort to conquer the unsolvable composition problem many bloggers have tried to create formulas

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Photo Tips

How much color can be corrected?

Filter color cast. Is this a problem? When we were still shooting film, most of what happened in the field was permanent. In other words if you got...

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20 Bad Photo Tips You Need to Know About

Here are some popular photo tips you should definitely not follow. 1. Just shoot everything horizontal, then you can crop it vertical later. No! By doing that you...

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The Best Back Up Strategy

Yup, it's definitely time to talk about backups. Now that everyone is stuck in doors for a while, perhaps it’s a good time to get

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Photo Tip: Silhouettes Out of the Shadows

As defined by the Oxford dictionary a silhouette is a representation of someone or something showing the shape and outline only, typically

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Photo Tip: The Real Picture of Portrait Lenses & Beauty …

Aside from macro photography and landscape photography, perhaps the most popular type of photography

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Making the Best of Bad Weather

Taking photos in bad weather is something all photographers try to avoid. Aside from possible

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Checking Out Your Photo Library

One of the most daunting aspects of photography today is

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Auto ISO: Not an Automatic Decision

Although many photographers still advocate setting a static ISO all the time, it's just not necessary. When we

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Direct Sunlight - Bad for Vampires, Not Your Lens

The internet says that you should never change your lens in direct

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Unwrapping a Starburst

A starburst in a photograph is caused by the flare captured when you

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Shoot Now, Crop Later, Bad Idea.

One of the most egregious pieces of photography advice out there

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how to take a photo

Photo Tip #65: Hunting and Fishing

As photographers we shoot. We go out armed with our cameras and an empty memory card looking for

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rule of thirds photo tip

Photo Tip #64 3rd Time's Not Always a Charm

Although the rule of thirds can work, if followed strictly and in a vacuum, it will fail every time. We must consider that photography is

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Sports photography tips

Photo Tip: Zombie Apocalypse - Getting the Shot

As the zombie apocalypse is apparently impending, now is a great time to address everyone's burning question, How to photograph zombies? Because after

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Photgraphy Composition rules

Photo Tip #62: Learn the Rules to Break Them

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-7882152755155662", enable_page_level_ads: true }); If you have been on a photo safari with any of our...

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50mm Lens and composition workshop

Photo Tip #61: Composition and prime lenses

Is a good prime lens the best way to learn composition? There are many blog posts singing the praises of a prime lens and about how the best way to...

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understanding auto vs manual and metering

Photo Tip #60: Auto - It's Not Automatically Bad

There are dozens of blog posts about "getting off the auto mode". So what's wrong with automatic? If manufacturers keep putting millions

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Light meters - photo workshops

Camera Tip #59: What is Metering?

Every camera today has a built in metering system, but what is "metering"? Metering light means to take a measurement of how much light is either

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Understanding Image Blur Photography Workshop

Photo Tip #58: Do I need glasses? My photos seem blurry

As photographers we have all seen pictures that seem "blurry", but the question is always what is the cause? There are basically 4 causes of a

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how to take street photography

Photo Tip #57: On the Street Photography

What is Street photography? Each photographer defines Street photography differently, but generally it is defined as capturing everyday life with a camera - photographing

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understanding shutter speed photo workshop

Photo Tip #56: Does Shutter Speed Affect Depth of Field?

The short answer is no it doesn't. However there some things that you must keep in mind when you are trying to to change your

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